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Author: 'Whatton' 28/10/2006
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Mapsource For Dummies: Part Three - Transferring maps to your GPS  (external link)

Webpage and PDF files by AndyW -

This is an easy one. If your one of the lucky buggers with a big memory card (2gig) then you can load all the maps for the whole of Europe once and then forget about this process.

Remember: Every time you transfer maps to your GPS all the maps already on it are deleted. Your waypoints will remain on the unit so don’t worry about them.

Transferring All Your Maps:

I’ll describe how this is done first.

Open a new Mapsource file using the icon on your desktop.

Make sure you have the correct set of maps selected in the drop down list that you want to transfer. I’m using City Navigator Europe V8…

Set the detail drop down box to Lowest and zoom out to show the whole area of maps you want to transfer…

The picture above shows that as yet no maps have been selected. The map list on the left is empty and shows No Maps and 0 kb at the bottom of the list.

Click on the Map Tool…….

Click and drag the curser to create a box around the area of maps you want…..

When you let go of the curser all the segments of maps inside that box will be listed in the Map list on the left, it will also show how many segments and the total size of them all at the bottom…….

Click on File and then Save As, save this in you’re my Maps folder as something like Complete Map set CNV8.gdb

Plug your GPS into your PC and select the Send to device icon. Make sure Maps is ticked then click send. Note: Make sure that there’s a tick next to “Include Route Calculation Data” at the bottom of the list…

Then go and pour a beer and watch a long film. The maps can take a long time to transfer.

Transferring just the maps required for one route:

Remember: Every time you transfer maps to your GPS all the maps already on it are deleted. Your waypoints will remain on the unit so don’t worry about them

I’ve not got a huge memory card which will hold the whole of Europe’s mapping. So if I plan a long route I need to load only the maps required by that route.

What I do is open my Mapsource file containing my route…

I right click on the route in the left hand Route list and click “Select Maps Around Route”…..

The map segments select turn pink and are listed on the left in the Map list.

At this point I look at how large these segments are. In this case they’re 85mb….

My GPS will hold 256mb so I select some more map segments around the route to give me some breathing space in case my plans change. I do this using the map select icon and click the curser on the segments I want. Each time checking what the total size has reached…..

When I’ve got the map set I need I save it. I Plug my GPS into my PC and select the Send to device icon.

I make sure Maps, Waypoints and Routes is ticked then click send.

See not that hard is.


From the very first instruction, I'm lost My mapsource has NOT got the map drop down box, is this because mine is pre-installed on the unit (2720)?
If it is pre installed you wouldn't need to do anything I've described above.
I don't know how 2720's come when new. Does it say maps pre installed on the box or did you get a CD/DVD with the mapping on it? This won't be the same CD with the Mapsource programme on that you've already installed on your PC.
I got a DVD CD rom (mapsource) and installed it, the Garmin box,(and TFM) says it has all the Europe maps pre-installed, with 500MB spare for waypoints and POI's. Ive just re-read the last instructions and it has made it clear.


Hi, I've got Garmin 2610. I don't get the drop down menu either - how do I get the maps. I've done the unlock maps thing (using the 25 digit unlock code provided). I've not registered (as I want to wait until V9's released) this shouldn't make a difference should it? HELP!!!!!!!!!
What does it say in the box pictured below in your installation of Mapsource?..........

Whatton, I've not even got the drop down box that says 'Mapsource V8' - could it be my toolbar settings? I've loaded all the maps anyway without it - does this matter?!?!? What is the box for? - I WANT IT if everybody else has it!!!!
Have a look at the picture below. You need a tick next to "View"

So, how do I send it to my unit without deleting my existing v8 maps thanks for any advice.
You select all the regular maps you want as above, switch to the contour mapset using the drop down box and select all the contour mapsets you want as well. Then you'll then have all the maps and contours ready to upload in one go.

The box to put the tick in for the route calculation software, is not highlighted and I've clicked send to device, but I'm getting a message saying "maps are 1150mb and only 665mb is available" (or words to that effect) but I know it has full Europe mapping, with 500mb to spare, for this sort of stuff. the contour mapping is just over 100mb so I wonder if I upload the contours will the road maps stay there?
You need to get someone who knows what they're doing to physically show you.
I've just looked at the total size of the contour mapping and the whole of Europe using CNV8 and it works out at just under 2 gig (1912mb).
I'm not sure about the 2720's memory, it has an internal hard drive and the spec says it comes pre-loaded with a built-in routable European Autoroute basemap but has 512mb for additional mapping.
Did it come with any mapping on discs? If you've loaded all the discs on your PC, what's written in the dropdown box as per below?

It says : City Nav V8 and Contours None I am now leaning towards the 2720 will keep its maps pre-installed if I upload the contours. A did get a cd rom for City Nav V8. The 2720 does not have a hard drive, but solid state ram (I believe) But, I am very scared of uploading the contours until I'm 100% sure I wont remove my CNV8. I'm sure someone must have done this, so I don’t have to be the guinea pig when I get a bit of time later, I will search forums ECT to do some investigation.
Don't DO IT, you will loose CNV8. You need to save it to say a removable device like a USB key and then copy it across to you Garmin
Cheers, that was what I was waiting for I think ill leave it. Roads (2720)for my Bike and Car and contours (60CS) for my hill/mountain expeditions


Thanks for this. But seeing as how I'm a complete numpty when it comes to this kind of thing - when you transfer your maps from the pc to the GPS (in my case a Streetpilot iii Colourmap) does it transfer to the actual GPS unit or the Garmin data card?
I tried to upload maps today and it took over three hours, which was fine, just left it to get on, but I don't know if the stuff is on the card or in the unit itself. My old Garmin V had a very small amount of internal memory, but I don't know if the SPiii has. Can you enlighten me some more, kind sir?
The maps are stored on your data card Rev

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